recovered my blog. yeyyy. Walang magawa kasi a) rest day b) im sick :( c) wala lang tlga.

hirap gawan ng lalaki xDD

Stayed at the terrace yesterday. Kala mo laki ng bahay e no hahaha. Nothing. Just having quality time with myself and selpi all the way. :)) Sometimes, I just can’t trust myself hahaha! Weird tho. It’s good having time like this I can be who I am without pleasing anyone. Not being selfish or KJ but just thinking things and being myself. K. XD

Yes, there will be fights over petty reasons. Yes, there will be misunderstandings and arguments and debates and pointing of fingers. But as long neither of us gives up on the other, we can make it. Just hold on. I believe we are worth it.
— (via escafeism)

Slowly, then all at once.

Slowly, then all at once.